​TriCounty FS carries a variety of Lubricants on hand. Specialty Lube Oils are available, please contact your Energy Specialists for more information.​

FS Suprex Gold ESP Heavy Duty 15w-40

FS Suprex Gold ESP Full Synthetic Blend 10w-30

FS Suprex Gold ESP Full Synthetic 5w-40

FS Suprex SAE 10, SAE 30

FS 5w-20 5w-30 10w-30

FS Synthetic 5w-30

FS Power Fluid, Hydraulic, Transmission and Wet Brake

 FS Multi Vehicle ATF Synthetic

FS All Purpose Gear Lube GL-5, 80w90 – 85w-140

FS Industrial Hydraulic Oil ISO 32, 46, 100, 150

FS Synthetic Hydraulic Oils

FS Synthetic Transmission Oils

FS 75w 90 Synthetic