Seed Bean Brands


 FS HiSoy Soybeans

​Planting soybean seed that has been professionally grown, handled and processed allows you to reap the benefits of numerous quality controls. FS HiSOY brand soybean seed delivers consistently higher germination rates, varietal purity and uniform seed size over bin-run seed. This leads to greater yield potential and better returns on your investment.​

 ASGROW Soybeans

​Planting is one thing. Performance is everything. That's why Asgrow and our dealers are dedicated to improving soybean success by utilizing the Asgrow 4P System: Plan. Plant. Protect. Perform. Farmers rely on Asgrow soybeans to help deliver a consistent, high performance year after year. With Asgrow soybeans, you can be confident you are getting high-performing seed with excellent yield potential driven by advanced breeding techniques and elite genetics. THE PROOF IS IN THE PERFORMANCE.​