FS Invision Seed Corn

​New FS InVISION seed corn is the game changer you want on your farm. It's the seed brand engineered with genetic muscle to challenge perceptions in the seed market. FS InVision Seed Corn has a clearer vision for corn performance, one where innovative germplasm and technologies exceed your expectations. Because we cultivate strong and broad industry relationships, we can independently select hybrids and diversify genetics & traits like no other regional or national seed brand.​

 DeKalb Seed Corn

DEKALB Corn Seed Offers:

A Superior-product portfolio supported by the latest Genuity corn trait technology. Industry-leading corn germplasm backed by 100 years of corn breeding experience and advanced breeding technologies. Exclusive products that help deliver strong roots and stalks resulting in higher yield potential. Better stress and disease tolerance. A proven-consistent drydown advantage.​