​Help maximize the full benefits of your soybeans with Acceleron Seed Treatment Products. These products can provide early-season vigor and stand establishment, as well as excellent soybean disease and insect protection to help maximize seed performance. Seed treatments can improve plant health through more rapid and increased emergence of seedlings under certain cold conditions, provide control of soil and seed borne diseases including Pythium and Phytophthora, shield from early-season insect pests such as bean leaf beetles and aphids.​


​INOVATE Seed Protectant delivers all-in-one seed protection convenience and handling for improved plant stand and healthier plants, resulting in increased yield and return on investment.  INOVATE offers super-systemic and contact protection from yield-robbing diseases, including Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium and seed-borne fungi. It also provides leading-edge protection from wireworm, white grub, seed corn maggot, bean leaf beetle, aphids and more.  Plus, it's the only product with exclusive Lock Tight Technology, for ease of use, outstanding retention on the seed and unmatched protection of the grower's  most important input—the seed. ​


​APRON MAXX is a complete seed treatment for soybeans and contains mefenoxam (33.3%) and fludioxonil (40.3%). APRON MAXX is designed to control a broad spectrum of fungal diseases affecting soybeans and can be combined with liquid inoculants.  APRON MAXX is a systemic fungicide for downy mildews & diseases caused by soil-borne pythium & phytophthora, fusarium, rhizoctonia, helminthosporium & aspergillus & penicillium.​


​A CruiserMaxx Beans brand is an insecticide and fungicide seed treatment combination that provides soybean growers with first-class protection against harmful insects and diseases that negatively affect crop quality and yield. The first commercial insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination on the market for soybeans, CruiserMaxx Beans protects seeds and seedlings against a wide range of yield-threatening insects and diseases to help increase stand and vigor, promote earlier canopy closure and improve yield potential.​


​Inoculants deliver better access to soil and fertilizer phosphate as well as more fixed nitrogen. The result, enhanced nutritional capabilities that improve nodulation, increase root and plant growth, and ultimately increased yields. The unique combination of these technologies ensures maximum performance from your crop.​