Custom Application

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 Crop Protection

​Precise application of crop protection products is a technical, heavily regulated venture. TriCounty FS made the investment in custom application to serve our customers. We use intelligent recommendation and professionally trained custom applicators to make sure the job is done right. Count on our Agronomy Team to work with you to find the best plan for your farming operation.​

 Dry Fertilizer

​Our Terra-Gator has a MultApplier Bed that can variable rate apply DAP and Potash.  The spread file can be based on yield data from your combine or GPS soil tests or overlaying both.  This is a good way to make sure you are getting the most return for your fertilizer investment.  You won’t be under applying areas that really kick out yield, or over applying areas that either don’t yield as well or where you have high nutrient soil test levels.  Remember – a balanced fertility program goes a long way to growing a healthy, high yielding crop.​

 Anhydrous Ammonia

​TriCounty FS offers custom application for ammonia with our John Deere tracking system.  We have 5 custom rigs – 2 in Greene, 2 in Jersey, and 1 in Calhoun County.  All custom tool-bars are set up with Auto-Swath.  This technology automatically shuts off sections of the tool-bar when it senses treated areas in the field – like point rows and last pass through that may be a lot narrower than the tool-bar.  This helps eliminate overlapping and over-applying nitrogen.  All of these technologies will help us do a better job applying ammonia on your farm.​