Linley Hoyt

Linley Hoyt

Precision Farming Specialist

At TriCounty FS, we promote the responsible use of all agricultural inputs. Precision farming starts with the idea that all acres are not the same. Precision Farming uses modern technology to maximize returns on every acre. Today we have the ability to farm with sub-inch accuracy. TriCounty FS is committed to working with our customers and business partners to help you manage your farm for maximum profit and environmental stewardship.

At TriCounty FS our first step in your Precision Farming Plan is to create a grid soil map. A soil map will show the variation of crop nutrients available. Typically, the most productive areas of a field have the lowest readings. This is due to the higher yields over time depleting the soil nutrients. Based on the soil map variations we can build a variable rate fertilizer spread map to bring depleted areas up to optimal levels and reduce application rates on the less productive areas.

Jersey County aerial

Richter Farms 2016

The modern technology of Precision Farming is also in our equipment! Auto steering on tractors and sprayers has greatly improved the accuracy of row spacing.  Swath control on sprayers and row control on planters are making a huge difference in the overlapping on point rows and last pass strips through fields. During harvest, a yield monitor installed in a combine will create a map to show how the yields varied. The yield map will help us create a new fertilizer spread map for planting in the spring. 

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