Help maximize the full benefits of your soybeans with Acceleron Seed Treatment Products.These products can provide early-season vigor and stand establishment, as well as excellent soybean disease and insect protection to help maximize seed performance. Seed Treatments can improve plant health through more rapid and increased emergence of seedlings under certain cold conditions, provide control of soil and seed borne diseases including Pythium and Phytophthora, shield from early season insect pests such as bean leaf beetles and aphids.



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Intego Suite Soybeans is an all-in one premix that contains the latest soybean fungicide seed treatment for control of Pythium and Phytophthora. Intego Suite offers protection for the entire plant with dual mode of action that creates a complete zone of defense above and below ground. It also protects against insects and other diseases.

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ILeVO Seed Treatment is the only product that offers effective protection against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and nematodes in the seed zone, resulting in healthier plants and height yield potential. Because seeds are protected from early-season SDS infection, there's no need to delay planting.


Nematodes can have a severe impact on your corn's yield and health. NemaStrike Technology by Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions is a broad-spectrum nematicide that defends your corn from these yield-robbing threats. This exciting new seed treatment technology works from the start and keeps working in the root zone - for up to 75 days - as plants grow.