New Lawn Seeding


 Broadcast Seeding

​Broadcast seeding spreads seed over large areas using a cyclone spreader. Broadcast seeding is usually accompanied by straw blowing and can be an effective seeding technique for large areas. It is often used to seed for erosion control and offers an alternative to hydro-seeding. TriCounty will broadcast a high quality certified seed and leave you proper post seeding instructions. We recommend that this be done annually.​

 Slit Seeding

​We use walk-behind and tractor driven slit-seeders. These can be used for establishment of new lawns after final grade is complete. We often combine this with hydro-seeding for new lawns. Existing lawns can be renovated to create a thicker lawn that aids in crowding out weeds and other pests.​


​Hydro-Seeding is the fastest route to a new, quality, seeded lawn.  This process applies seed, fertilizer, lime, mulch and water in one easy step.  We have the best equipment money can buy to ensure efficient application and the fastest seed germination & establishment possible.​

 Sod Installation

​For those customers who want or need an instant lawn, FS Lawn Care offers sod installation.  To reduce the cost of sod, we can combine sod with hydro-seeding or slit-seeding for areas where instant turf is not necessary. Normally, sod can be placed on high profile areas, while hydro-seeding or slit-seeding can be applied on the balance of the lawn.​