FS Propane

​FS Propane is a reliable source of propane for home and on-farm heating. Millions use efficient, economical, and convenient propane to heat their homes. With FS Propane, customers get more than just heat; they get expert service, routine safety checks and advice from a trained propane specialist.​

 Degree Day Delivery

​Degree day delivery software compares the outside temperature to your usage needs to make sure you never run out of FS Propane.​

 Budget Billing

​Energy costs are easier to manage when you can pay the same amount each month. Our Even Payment Plan takes the peaks and valleys out of your monthly energy bills.​

 Service Checks

​FS Propane Specialists are trained in Propane safety. You can count on our knowledge when it comes to safety checks. We'll even train you to recognize the odor of propane and what to do it it's detected. ​

 Propane Tanks

​Our tanks are painted a clean white so they don't detract from your landscape. Our tanks reflect the way we do business and we take pride in their appearance. We'll maintain leased tanks at no charge for the life of the tank, except where damage has been caused by negligence.​