Aquatic Products

Aquatic control requires an initial application of AquaShade prior to the onset of algae and other active aquatic plant life growth.  AquaShade is a blend of dyes that work together to shade and filter out portions of the UV light spectrum that are known to promote underwater weed and algae growth.  Algae can easily overtake a pond and damage its aquatic health. With pond dyes, you will help limit algae growth throughout your pond or lake.  Follow-up applications of AquaShade may be required depending on rainfall amounts and over-flow.

The initial application is followed by post-emergent chemical applications as necessary to eliminate new aquatic plant growth.  This growth can occur due to nutrient build-up (often from heavy rainfall, misapplication of fertilizers and erosion) and warm temperatures that help create stagnant water.  Pond aerators are also beneficial to keep the water circulating and by increasing the oxygen in the water.

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