Lawn Installation and Lawn Seeding Service

TriCounty FS Lawn Care is your local expert when it comes to planting grass seed or sod installation for a new lawn. We'll help you select the right seed variety based on your climate, soil and turf requirements.  

Broadcast Seeding

Broadcast seeding is generally the cheapest/most basic form of seeding. Broadcast seeing is simply that, broadcasting of seed over prepared soil of previous aeriation. Broadcast seeding can be done by hand on smaller areas or with equipment (push buggies, tractor/vicon, etc.) on larger areas. Broadcast seeding generally needs to be "worked" in via a pulverizer or drag, but no deeper than 1/4". Grass seed that is just scattered on top of soil will usually produce unsatisfactory results. There is ZERO erosion protection that comes with broadcast seeding alone, so it is common to see straw blown or scattered over the top.


Hydro-Seeding is the fastest route to a new, quality, seeded lawn.  Hydro seeding applies seed, fertilizer, lime, hydro-mulch and water in one easy step. Hydro seeding must be applied to properly prepared soil, however. Soil must be worked or pulverized into a suitable seed bed before application for optimal success. Hydro seeding offers the ultimate in erosion control and moisture retention. We have some of the best equipment to get the job done right!

Sod Installation

For  customers who want or need an instant lawn with no time to wait for seed to germinate, FS Lawn Care offers sod installation. Sod is the most expensive option, but leaves the customer with instant satisfaction. As with seeding, the soil needs to be properly prepared before sod can be laid. A "slicked off" surface is not appropriate for sod. The soil should be prepared in the same manner as if it were being prepared for seed. Sod can be done in combination with other forms of seeding to help reduce cost if necessary. 

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