Aeration and Slit Seeding Services

TriCounty FS Lawn Care provides lawn aeration (also known as core aeration) and lawn renovation services to rejuvenate and heal your lawn from excessive drought and foot traffic.

Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is the process of "slitting" or drilling seed into the ground via machine. Slit seeders can be small, self propelled hand units for smaller areas or tractor mounted seeders for larger areas. Slit seeding can be done on bare soil, but is most commonly used as an "over-seeding" or "renovation" process. Existing lawns can be slit seeded to create a thicker turf, especially in thin areas helping to crowd out weeds. Slit seeders work by dropping seed behind the cuts or slits in the ground. With rain or watering, the seed will come up in rows that are approximately .75" to 1" apart.  As the grass grows, the plants will begin to cross each other as the area fills in, creating a more dense turf that will naturally help keep other weeds and annual grasses choked out.

Aeration & Over-Seeding

Aeration & Over-Seeding applied by pulling plugs (15-20 per square foot) from the soil.  As these plugs break down, they create a new layer of topsoil allowing oxygen, moisture and nutrients into the root zone of the turf.  After aeration, seed is broadcast into the aerated areas.  It is necessary to get these 15-20 plugs per square foot to aerate the soil properly ensuring proper cultivation for the new seed and its germination and to protect the crowns of the existing turf. We also recommend specialized follow-up application maintenance programs to get your lawn off to a running start. Aeration is a good habit to repeat on your lawn every 2-3 years or following a year that has been tough or stressful on your grass. The best time of year for aeration and over-seeding is in the fall if possible.

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